Japp’s Dream in The Incredible Theft: More Than Comic Relief?

(Note: Semi-spoiler for the the ITV Double Sin adaptation.)

In the ITV Agatha Christie’s Poirot adaptation of the Poirot novella The Incredible Theft, Poirot investigates the titular crime while staying at the home of his politician-client, while sidekick Captain Arthur Hastings and Scotland Yard ally Chief Inspector Japp (who are not in the original) have to make due at a pub so crowded they have to share not only a room but a bed.  Continue reading

Where You Can Learn More About U.S. “Third” Parties (and where you won’t find them)

I don’t intend, for the most part, to make this a “political” blog in the sense of using it to try to tell you which parties, candidates, or positions to support.

But, with the Presidential election underway in the U.S., I feel strongly about people’s right to know that the Democrats and Republicans are not the only parties running candidates (in most states – it varies by state.)

Click here to read about other parties running Presidential candidates as well as who besides the Democrat and Republican is running for the U.S. Senate seat from Ohio.

2016 national and Ohio independent and third-party listing

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