Links to more about some of the books and shows I analyze or comment on:

Sherlock Holmes

With Love, S.H. & Decoding the Subtext – Canadian blogger Nekosmuse makes the case for Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson being one of pop culture’s first great gay love affairs or marriages.

BBC Sherlock Fan Forum

Discussing all things Sherlock Holmes but with an emphasis on the BBC series, Sherlock.

Agatha Christie & Adaptations

Official site about legendary British mystery author, Dame Agatha Christie Mallowan

Investigating Poirot – Eirik Dragsund’s comprehensive fan blog about the ITV series Agatha Christie’s Poirot, which, from 1989 through 2014, adapted every single novel or short story that featured Christie’s detective Hercule Poirot. Poirot was brilliantly portrayed by British character actor David Suchet, and many of us modern fans will always see Suchet when we think of the character.

Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden

My Annie on My Mind page (includes links to other blogs and sites about this book)  SPOILERS!

Perfect Strangers: 1980s sitcom about Balki Bartokomous, a Mediterranean immigrant who, for all his unfamiliarity with American customs, still has a lot to teach his American-born distant cousin, Larry.

P.S., I Love You – site started by the founder of the original fan club, now the closest thing to an official site.

P.S., I Love You Facebook group 

P.S., I Love You Facebook page

Click here for my page commenting on PS, especially the language mistakes known as “Balki-isms.

Get Smart: 1960s sitcom spoofing Cold War espionage…and showing a female as more competent than a lot of the males around her – fan page that became almost official

Sitcomsonline Get Smart forum


Books, Reading, and Pop Culture Critique in General:

Book Riot – a site about books and reading and how books and reading affect our lives – prides itself on going beyond book reviews.

AfterEllen – Devoted to pop culture about, and for, women who are something other than strictly heterosexual.

TVtropes dot org and allthetropes dot org

Tropes are sort of narrative or media conventions – these pages have a list of them for just about every book, show, movie, and game imaginable – and they are supposed to be “wiki” sites that we can edit.

Caution: I  discovered a pattern of having Internet connection problems after spending a long time on the Tropes site.  I am not certain it’s related, but it is for this reason that I’m not giving an actual link here.

Non-Fiction TV


Jeopardy! Facebook page


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