More About Autism and Aspergers

About autism:

Autism Society of America

About Asperger’s:


Terms to know:

  • hidden curriculum – social information, i.e., unstated rules or customs, that is not directly taught but that it is assumed that everyone knows – but which is highly challenging for people with autism and Asperger’s
  • theory of mind – similar to empathy, the ability to see from another’s perspective – something that is challenging for people on the spectrum
  • meltdown – a tantrum or crying jag, brought about by stress, frustration, anxiety, fear, or some combination
  • Aspie – some people with Asperger’s call themselves this
  • Aspergirl – autism and Asperger’s affect males and females differently, so some of the female experts use this term for the girls who are affected
  • typical – preferred term (as opposed to “normal” for people NOT on the Autism Spectrum, or, in some contexts, not developmentally disabled (i.e., “typically-developing”)

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